Day 15 and 16

Today and yesterday was very a much chill day. Yesterday we didn't go out that much because my grandpa illness came back up so my parents had to go back over there so they left us home. And today I did laundry here for the first time and when you do it here you put in the washing machine and then you take it on the roof and they string lines where you hang done so they can drive and it was so fun up there and the view it was so great because then you had the water and then you have buildings and then you had the statue that you can see from far away . Then we went out later today and saw a wedding(the pic above) going on the bridesmaid had african couture on and it was lit because the music playing was good. Tomorrow will be the actual day we go to the beach so there will be pictures.
Daker, Senegal
Djenabou Diallo
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