Eid Mubarak
Eid in Africa

Day 13
I cannot even start with an introduction today because it was the best day so far since I've been here. It was Eid and usually I'm used to doing it in America so I didn't know what to expect here but when I got it it was great so let me get started. Give me a row but we got on our nice Alphas most of them are posted so people saw it and you went over to my grandpa's family's house. Then we went over. I remember people saying oh something's going to happen to all this sheet something's going to happen to all the Sheep. show me where they cut 8 sheeps in front of us there was blood everywhere, they took out all the intestines and cleaned all of it and if that they cooked it so we could be eating. We were not used to sheep so we went and got a goat and we also cut one and cleaned it and ate it .The kids were so cute and they were going around to each house asking for Eid money which is tradition.Then we got yo take some of the meat home.

Daker, Senegal
Djenabou Diallo
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