El salvador
El Salvador
El Salvador

El Salvador is a very beautiful place, it's very warm and the beaches are really beautiful as well as the places, restaurants, pools, and much more. It's always hot. In New York it's cold and hot but in El Salvador it's always warm. El Salvador is a country that has many poor families but the new president made things change when Covid first started the president gave food to all kinds of families many people survived Covid. Since it's really hot in El Salvador people started to plant coconut trees, mango trees, and much more fruits. So if you're thirsty you can just get a coconut and you will feel fresh. El Salvador is really beautiful but you also have to work hard and it's really hard sometimes for people and their kids. Some people work 7 days a week and only get 5-15 dollars not only they have to feed their children. They also have to feed themself, pay bills, pay rent, and much more.
Nathalie Lopez
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