King and the Dragonflies is a coming-of-age middle grade story
Dragon Flies
King and the Dragonflies

The thing that keeps me reading the book King and the Dragonflies is i'm trying to see who killed King's brother i think its Sandy's brother because in the book some people said that sandy's brother help some people kill a black man and Khalid was dead also so but i don't really know if Sandy's brother really helped kill Khalid so i'm guessing he did with some gang people. I'm wondering when Sandy will be found because he ran away but he was hurt a little bit when King found him so i think what happened is Sandy did get kidnapped or he could have ran away from home and got hurt but everyone still didn't find him because he is hiding in King's tent but Sandy don't want to leave the tent so i wonder is the reason he was hurt is because of his dad? because Sandy's gay and i don't think his dad like gay people Sandy's dad probably don't want to be seen with a gay son because he is sherif .
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published:February 4, 2020
Kacen Callender
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