SOS Cuba
Free Cubans

Cuba has been under a dictarship for 62 years. Last Sunday July 11th the Cuban people pacificly hit the streets to demonstrate that, thousands of protesters around the island asked the government to hear their request. Cuban's are protesting to obtain freedom from a government that has starved, killed, and censored for six decades.
In response police were required to be violent against those who protested. Internet service was cut out for several days, people were denied from hospitals, there are no coffin for dead bodies, boys of the age 17,18,19 are forced to join the miltary, All light and electricity goes out at 7 pm and the government gatherings silence the protests. The cubans in America cry out for help from the US president Joesph Biden.

" I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: i am a free human being with independent will.

Emily Raphael
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