this is about Dragon Raja and Genshin Impact
My two favorite games

Genshin Impact is an game that allows the player to keep leveling up and get some good stuff and let the player use several different combinations of skills and attacks. The most fun i had in the game is getting new characters and seeing how they fight, and leveling up. Dragon Raja is a fun game to play, you get to pick out your weapon and when you try it out you start to fight the robots and when u keep leveling up you can go on missions and get some new outfits. Also you can have a job in the game and have pets and have a house, also you can join clubs like the anime club and in your missions you can fight dragons you can get cars.
Dragon Raja: 1998-2008 and Genshin Imapct: September 28, 2020
Lee Yeongdo
Publishers: miHoYo; Archosaur Games, SZN Interaction Entertainment
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