Demon Slayer Movie Mugen Train
Demon Slayer Muzan Train

this anime is about a boy named tanjiro who is a demon slayer and is traveling to Ζ’ind a perzon named muzan kibutsuji because he killed his family and made his sister a demon and he trying to see if there a cure to turn her into a human again and kill him for killing his family and his sister nezuko is a demon that dosent eat humans and is trying to prortect her brother from demons that attack or help her brother fight while tanjiro was on a journy he made friend zenitsu and inosuke and they decided to tag along to help tanjiro so he had to train to become strong while he become strong he was sent on a very dangerous mission that was on a train and a demon that was a high rank demon attack one of the twelve kisuke which are the strongest demons that muan made and so when they went there they saw on of the hashiras which are the strongest demon slayer that hunt demon and it was the fir e hashira renguko and he was also sent to kill the demon and help tanjiro and after one of the demon came there was more. that one deon while the other were fighting reguko was fighting a strong demon and it was a strong fight while the other defeated the other demon renguko was alone and died in battle while others cried that to go in form the other hashiras and the got the news and were shocked ans felt sad
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