luca is a story of a sea monster
sea monster

this movie is about a boy named luca and he a sea moster that not suposed ot go to the surface but he find a friend and he also a sea monster but he lives on land and he was left alone for a few years from his dad and his name is alberto he tries to impress luca a little bit and bring him up to the surface luca trys learning how to walk and his family finds out and they wanat to send him to the deep so he goes with alberto to the human town to find a vespa but when he does go he tries to be careful from water because it everywere and he is a sea monster and they are hunting sea monster while he was there he makes another friend a girl guilla go trying to beat a mean kid ercole that kept bullying her for not winning the portorsso cup and so luca wanted to join to win the prize oney for the vespa but then he changes his mind annd wants to go to school but he a sea monster alberto try warning hi that sea monster can go to school but then they fight and gullia finds ot there sea monster ut still try to be friend and on the day of the competion he does the challenge by himself and then it start raining and the family are trying to find him and the town find out he a sea monster but the dont hurt them they all become friend but the alberto decide to give the prize money to luca so he can go to school with gullia and alberto stay alone with gullia dad so he can do work .
italy, portorosso
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