Mamá Tingó
Mamá Tingó

Mama Tingo was born Florinda Muñoz Soriano in the Dominican Republic on November 8, 1921. Although she almost became a footnote in history, Mama Tingo's contributions changed the way people defended their rights, the country's history and solidified it. place as revolutionary forever.

History is often written by the most privileged and often what is captured is about the most privileged people who help change history. However, Mama Tingo was not among the privileged class with financial or formal education and therefore her story is often neglected. Mama Tingo was a farmer, revolutionary, and activist of the farmers and economically poor people of the Dominican Republic. A farmer by legacy, Mama Tingo cultivated her plot of land in the Hato Viejo region of the Dominican Republic.

After generations of cultivating the land in the Hato Viejo island region, farmers were told that the land had been bought back / reclaimed by a wealthy businessman, Pablo Díaz Hernández, and that they had to vacate the property. The vacating of property meant that farm workers would not only lose their homes, but also their livelihoods and family legacy. Basically what was happening was a land grab. A land grab is the forced and often illegal and opportunistic obtaining of land by people who have more access to institutional wealth and power than those on the land.

Even today, land grabs are a problem around the world. In Brazil, the indigenous people of the land are being killed and forced to fight to the death to protect their land. In 2018, Afro-Brazilian activist and councilor Marielle Franco and her driver were killed for fighting to protect the land where the Brazilian favelas are located. And in Africa, Chinese governments have come under fire for alleged land grabs across the continent.
Many times, those who take the land are aware that it is already being occupied, cared for and cared for by people. However, the wealthiest still choose to take the land for their own financial gain.
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