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My Story About MetaBronx

On August 9th, 2009 the first episode of Shark Tank aired. A show where a panel of potential investors listen to pitches for a business or product they wish to take part in and develop further. Younger me used to sit in front of the television and watch the show for hours. The only thing was that a six year old didn’t have much knowledge other than what she’d seen. Eventually as I got older, I stopped watching the show, but I still tried my hand at entrepreneurship. I made many small businesses or even hustles if you’d call them that, like making headbands, slime, chocolates, etc., but even that didn’t last long. Eventually I just stopped, but it wasn’ until about a year and a half ago that I caught an episode of Shark Tank on air again. This episode featured a group of children left without parents who took a cutting board their father designed, and took it to Shark Tank as a part of his legacy. Seeing those kids get not only an investment from all five Sharks, but also be able to make the work they do personal was something that has always stuck with me, and made me want to make an impact like them. However, the hardest step is always figuring out where you start.

Getting an internship at MetaBronx was my start. I was able to truly understand the impact that someone can have if they not only have their priorities straight, but also know why they are doing what they do. Everything is a learning experience, especially at MetaBronx where I've learned so many things like the inner workings of businesses, and the different things that you can do with just one business. Being an entrepreneur is about being able to create opportunities, something that MetaBronx is already doing, and continues to inspire me to do also. They’ve created so many opportunities for those who would normally be disadvantaged in the business and startup world, and have really opened the doors of experience to many teens like me, who could only hope to do such great things in the future. Being able to find our abilities, and what we work best with is an opportunity I have been given by MetaBronx, which I am extremely grateful for. Especially because now, as I look back at the young girl who used to watch those Sharks on TV, I realize that I’ve been given an opportunity to become one, all because of MetaBronx, the company that pushes our creativity, and thinking skills, so we can make the business world more accessible, one idea at a time.
Bronx, New York
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