A great guy who cares about our (students) future. He is Fred Wilson.
At CS Fair NYC 2017 with BASE and Fred Wilson

For the second year in a row, i attended the CS Fair NYC with my school mates from BASE (Bronx Academy for Software Engineering).

My computer science teacher, Jon Mannion, and i were walking around the exhibitor booths. Jon saw Fred Wilson walking around as well, and went over to him to say hello, then pulled me into the conversation so that i could meet Fred.

He introduced me, explained that i'm one of his students at BASE, and told him that i'm interning at The Glass Files.

Then i asked Fred if i could take a photo, he said yes, Jon took the photo, and here it is!

I had recognized Fred as well, he is one of the most successful technology investors in the world, and maybe the most famous tech investor in New York.

He has a passion for education, and was one of the people who made it possible for our school to begin in 2013.

CS Fair NYC is organized by CSNYC, "a nonprofit founded in 2013 to ensure that all of New York City’s 1.1 million public school students have access to a high-quality computer science (CS) education that puts them on a pathway to college and career success."

Fred Wilson is also the founder of CSNYC - thank you Fred Wilson for making all this possible!
USA, New York, NY, The Armory Track, 216 Fort Washington Avenue
29th March 2017
Jon Mannion
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
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