This is a landscape art piece that I done last week, first time doing one
Work Experience/ Self Improvement
Work Experience

Over the time I had worked with MetaBronx for my 2021 Spring internship I had a lot of fun and gained plenty of work experience. When I first came in I was new and didn't know what to expect. At first, I had my head set on one business path for entrepreneurship and was only focused on anything related to real estate or anything surrounding business such as a law firm, etc. Over the course, I had seen all the different types of people and the different types of work that they do as entrepreneurs. From graphic designing to game development to a clothing business, there were a lot of different jobs and pathways that were opened to me. As I saw this I had realized how amazing these businesses were and it inspired me to open up and try and give new potential careers/jobs a chance. I came in with one thing in mind and strictly that, but with a few days left of the internship, I have to say that I have been opened to many different types of paths. To explain, I started to explore art and the photo above is a piece that I had done a few days ago for the first time, I never was interested in art or drawing anything of the sort but I tried it and I believe this can be a hobby for me now and maybe in the future, a job pathway. I also am starting to do photography since that was interesting to me as well. Learning from all these different types of businesspeople helped me to improve myself and helped me give some insight into what the future can behold. Besides real estate, I now have an interest in other business careers such as photography and art, I am starting to branch out to do more stuff such as learning more about attorneys and their line of work to even becoming a novelist to see whether or not they could be a possibility for me to work in. Besides from work experience I have grown as a person mentally from the beginning of this internship to now. I gained plenty of self-improvement and some work experience from MetaBronx and I got to say that I am grateful that I had the chance to take part in this internship.
Bronx, NY
Jordan Carrasco
Art piece created at my house.
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