“Caring is the essence of nursing.” —Jean Watson
Oncology Nursing
Celebrating Oncology Nursing Month!!!

As the end of May approaches, we should all take a moment to celebrate Oncology Nursing Month as it is celebrated every May. An oncology nurse is a registered nurse who cares for and educates patients who have cancer. The purpose of Oncology Nursing Month is to recognize the critical role oncology nurses play in patient care. We honor them for their dedication, commitment, and passion for helping those in need. Oncology nurses play a key role in their patients’ cancer journey from explaining a diagnosis, to providing guidance through treatment, celebrating victories, and comforting patients through unimaginable setbacks.

This year’s Oncology Nursing Month theme is “Inspiring Innovation. Inspiring Care.” The word “inspiring” describes exactly what oncology nurses do, especially as we look back at your contributions over the past year. Despite the challenges of global pandemic and adjusting to the new normal, nurses have continued to show up for patients with fierce dedication and compassion.

Even when faced with the most difficult situations, oncology nurses remain fearlessly committed to provide endless compassion and comfort to patients. Never has there been a greater demonstration of oncology nurses’ fierce commitment to patients with cancer as in this past year. While struggling with their own fears, family and personal needs, oncology nurses continued their excellent care and commitment to patients. We celebrate all nurses of The US Oncology Network and beyond during Oncology Nursing Month, and every other day of the year. Thank you for all you do day in and day out!
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