Amabelle a woman who represents the voice of the Haitian community.
The Parsley Massacre

Amabelle is a young Haitian woman who survived the parsley massacre, an attack that was unleashed and armed by Leonidas Trujillo, the president of the Dominican Republic, creating a persecution against Haitians as he feared that more Haitians would invade the country (DR). Amabelle functions as a voice for the Haitian community as Amabelle's story focuses more on a capsule of her past. Amabelle narrates that she played with her girlish shadow as a way of taking refuge from her loneliness, but clearly this act turns into an obsession with the past that takes away her peace and happiness. persecution.

It tells its story and consequently the stories of other victims of the massacre and uses symbols such as light, shadows, the river of the massacre, parsley to name the strangers and the tubas whose tomb is the river where they died however. The story takes a change when the event of the massacre arrives and begins to tell about its experience when going to Dominican Republic, the most interesting thing is that Amabelle arrives at a place called happiness (as could be called an happiness town where Haitians are treated as slaves )

Some important symbols in the story are

The shadow ”shows a change from positive to negative.

Illuminate a way to commemorate an event from the past

parsley is a word that is related to Haiti and the
Dominican Republic, the two vital spaces of the narrator.

But the most important is the Massacre River (Rio Dajabon), the symbol given that represents a trauma in Amabelle's life.
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