The function of the Perla is a ferris wheel for young people in Ecuador.
Ferris Wheel La Perla

The function of the Perla is a ferris wheel for young people in Ecuador. According to Boon Edam LATIN AMERICA “is extreme attraction ….was designed as a viewpoint, hence its location on the Malecón 2000, recognized for its historical monuments, museums, gardens and for its view of the river. Guayas.” This structure, the biggest structure in Ecuador, represents the greatness of a small country. In conclusion, it is an attraction for Ecuadorians and foreigners who want to enjoy a beautiful view.
The material used for the ferris wheel La Perla is Steel. According to the website Made How “Stee l is the most common raw material and is used to make the trailer chassis, wheel support towers, wheel spokes, and wheel crossmembers.” The Ferris wheel is constructed of materials such as steel, aluminum, and, polyurethane. Steel is the most common material in the Ferris wheel. In conclusion, the Ferris wheel is safe for people.
The Municipality of Guayaquil received an offer to build a Ferris wheel from a private company in early 2015. According to Boon Edam LATIN AMERICA “The award of the contract for the provision, installation and operation of a giant Moscow wheel went to the Latin American company Representaciones y Operaciones (Reprolimit Cía Ltda.).” This contract had an execution period of 18 months in accordance with the provisions of a municipal ordinance.In conclusion there were regulations of fundamental aspects of the concession.

Malecón 2000 Guayaquil-Ecuador
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