This image represent my black skin.
My journey
A pretty successful Black Woman

Hey my name is Miurel Martinez, i am an immigrant from Honduras and i came here to the USA in 2019. I'm 20 years old and i just graduated from high school in 2022. Now i am attending college and i have to decide if my major is going to be nursing or criminal justice.

I am afro-latina and I belong to the Garifuna culture in my country. In the future i want to have my own business of beauty accessories for women, i am also interested in being a famous influencer and i almost forgot to mention that i already started with my dreams: i have my youtube channel since 2020 and i am a hairstylist. In 2020 i started doing internships with MetaBronx at Crotona International High School and i became a manager of a group of students. Then in 2022 i was contacted by MetaBronx and i became a program manager. That same year I got an invitation to the City Hall of New York and i had the opportunity to meet the major of NYC.

Some of my hobbies are playing sports, dancing, listening to music, working out and recording myself sharing something that i either know how to do well or i'm learning how to do it on my youtube channel.
Bronx, NY
Miurel Martinez
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