How its like being in 2 internships school and being an entrepreneur
Working harder every day

During quarantine, I have done a lot of thinking about my future and what I wanted for myself and was always to0ld that I would have to wait till after I finished school to start my profession but not being able to go outside for almost 4 months has got me doing a lot of thinking and research about what I would want to do when I get older but the ore i dig deeper the more I realize that I could start not that I don't have to wait till after I graduate college to because an entertainer/fashion design because 30% of rich people don't even graduate from high school so that is when I decide to start my own hair braiding business in May 2020 at the age 14 of course covid is still going on and I just started so I have very few clients that became to expand after some time, then that is when school started and I had to balance both.
Bronx Ny
April 21,2021
Awebana Juayibem
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