Uyghur muslims are being held in concentration camps in China.
Uyghur Muslims
Uyghur Lives Matter

The Uyghurs are Turkic-speaking Muslims from the Central Asian region. The largest population lives in China’s Xinjiang region, in the country’s north-west. Right now, more than 3 MILLION Uyghur Muslims are put in concentration camps in Xinjiang, China to be tortured for their religious beliefs. I chose this topic in view of the fact that we need to raise awareness of these muslims who are suffering just for following their religion. It honestly breaks my heart that people are barely giving this the attention it needs, this is an important subject that needs to be discussed.

Muslims are forced to renounce Islam, criticise it, and are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol which are forbidden by Islamic law. The government has been targeting Muslims through a campaign of torture, no rights to practice their religion and brainwashing these Muslims to disown their religion to become "normal citizens". Men are taken to concentration camps, children are sent to orphanages and women are forcefully being married with other Chinese men. Furthermore, this has been going on for years, this hasn't just started this year which is shocking. You don't have to know these people or be Muslim to do anything.

If you take a literal minute out of your day to donate money, sign petitions, or talk about this on your social media platforms, you are helping out even if you are passing this issue along to the people who are uninformed. We need our voices to be heard and stop the suffering of these innocent people. What hurts more is knowing that I’m muslim and they are being treated like that. I pray for these people to get through this horrifying experience. It's such a shame to see that the world, society, and media is dead silent about a matter like this.
New York, USA
Wasila Ibrahim
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Created on 2021-04-19 at 22:03 and last updated on 2021-04-20 at 16:11.