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Loss Of Wilderness

Loss of wilderness means the lives of humans and animals are endangered. Animals lose their habitat and Humans suffer from the lost of resources. This issue matter because wilderness supply us with clean water, Natural flood controls and also allows scientist to study the ecosystem. Once we lost our wilderness we lose our animals and oxygen and they all help the environment.
Humans are one of the main reasons why the topic of loss of wilderness is spoken today. Humans continuously degraded and fragmented, largely due to industrial activities such as oil and gas extraction, mining, logging, agriculture, construction of roads and dams. Following that fact humans correspondingly promotes the use of fire by participating in activities such as camp fires, lighting cigars, fireworks and more. An example of the use of fire from September 2020 when a gender reveal party cause the massive fire in California. That fire destroyed lot of wilderness and homes. Which left endangered species
without a habitat.
Humans are not only to be held accountable for this environmental problem on account of Natural disasters being another factor to blame. A fairly good number of wildfires are triggered by lightning which can burn the wilderness, also hot magma in the earth’s crusts is usually expelled out as lava during a volcanic eruption. Hurricane's, Tornado's, Flood's and many more cause the loss of wilderness today.
In conclusion we the people have to do more to step up and solve this issue.

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