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My Thoughts of MetaBronx

I have worked for MetaBronx multiple times now. The summer of 2020, I was participating in Syep. This Syep program allowed me to work for MetaBronx and their team. It was a great experience to be very honest, I mainly worked on this website. These pieces of writing helped me expand my writing skills, and they also introduced me to new ways of writing. This year was a little different, I was introduced to different teams in MetaBronx. I mainly worked on the writing team, because I feel like that's where I work the best, which is true. I will always remember when I had a controversial part of my email for the writing team. There was a whole virtual meeting about it, which scared me at first because I thought I was in trouble but I wasn't. I was merely getting feedback, one of my employers Philip made me happy about my writing because he told me that my piece was amazing and I should keep my writing style.
Bronx, NY
April 3, 2021
Enayi Ndoma
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