Overall Internship of MetaBronx
Overall Internship in MetaBronx
MetaBronx Internship

This Internship has been a huge positive impact for me because it helped me learn so many things that i did not know about like Codecdamy and The Glass Files. Codecadamy is a website which helps you learn the step-by-step basis on coding and Java which is associated with software engineering and coding. The Glass Files is another website which gives a person the ability to make stories about one’s life so that a person can learn more about you and other things that a person might wants to write about.

To add on, I was able to talk to different people. To name a few from what I can remember like the founders of a MetaBronx start-up named “Proneer” which helps interns get a head start on what is going to happen and what has to be done, a company named “SaveAway” which helps people fulfill large purchase goals without debt, “MoneyCaptain” which has somewhat the same purpose as save away which helps manage your money and helps us learn good money habits and how to use our money wisely. I was also able to meet Miguel, who is a educative YouTuber who makes videos about economic changes and many other things that helps us learn about the Economy.

In MetaBronx, one can learn how to make emails that can be sent to different principles in different schools around the Bronx so that those principles can send their students to MetaBronx in order to learn how to make these types of Emails and other things like software engineering, which is mostly about coding and stuff like that, Business Marketing, which is the same as the first thing I mentioned in this sentence and Writing which also ties into Email writing.
Antoine Julien
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