My Experience at the Meta Bronx internship
Meta Bronx Experience
My Experience at Meta Bronx

I first want to say that I am very grateful for the chance to be a Meta Bronx intern. The opportunities presented to me by Meta Bronx are things I never thought would be available to me.

When I first heard about MetaBronx from my advisor it didn't really catch my attention because it sounded like any regular internship. He told me to apply for a spot, so that's what I did. I told my sister about Meta Bronx and she was happy for me, she helps me with my application and I got in!

In the first 3 weeks of the internship, I was very invested in the internship. Every chance I got to do hours, I took it. But after a period, for about a week I just didn't bother checking slack and missed so many opportunities to gain hours. As a result of my laziness, I'm behind in hours now. And it's such a shame because the people that run Meta Bronx are working really hard to make it a smooth internship during the school year. Looking back I feel that I didn't appreciate the opportunity I was given. Now, however, I am aiming to get to about 25 hours by the end of spring break.

This was more of a personal experience I had and hoped you enjoyed reading it! I really like this internship and I am excited to see what come next
The Bronx, NY
Peace Ocran
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