A reflection of my internship experience at MetaBronx through UAU
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My internship experience at MetaBronx through UAU

For ten weeks, apprentices from BASE including me, and other Bronx high schools have been working at MetaBronx. MetaBronx is the leading startup accelerator in NYC for underrepresented women, people of color, and LGBTQ identified individuals. Working at MetaBronx through United Activities Unlimited has been a great experience. While at MetaBronx, I've worked with many different teams such as the software, business development, and media teams.

During the first half of my internship at MetaBronx, I have displayed the qualities of helping others and contributing to the mission. For an example, at MetaBronx, one of the many different assignments that we are able to do has to do with helping people navigate the company’s website which is The Glass Files. To do so, I’ve created tutorial videos to help new users have a feel around the website.

Another thing I've been doing at MetaBronx as for the business development side of the cohort was emailing principals and head supervisors of high schools to convince them to form a partnership with MetaBronx. Through many revisions and plenty of feedback and support, I was able to get a response from a principal and further connect to discuss more.

I felt very productive in my home workspace, because there was always work assigned in order to meet the hour requirement for the weeks. Many of the assignments that I do revolve around coding a lot. For example, on CodeCademy, an online resource used to learn computer science coding languages, I’ve been learning html, css, ruby, and C++. Doing CodeCademy was an essential piece during this internship, because it allowed me to apply the knowledge that I learned from these different languages in order to provide my own code towards the Glass Files website whether if its to fix a bug or implement a new feature.

Overall, I had a great time working at MetaBronx as I learned valuable information and stepped out of my comfort zone to gain skills that will help me out in the long run.
The Bronx, NY
Edward Yeboah
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