My internship experience
Internship - MetaBronx Spring 2021

Since I started my MetaBronx internship, I have been able to not only learn many things, but also experience real work environments/meetings with other startups, while also finding new things that I like. I've been given very valuable experiences, and I have seen the inner workings of startups and the thought process/work of the entrepreneurs who create them. I have also learned about things like NFT's and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and how important they are, and the power/influence they could have in the future. I have also been working with Sarah (Founder of The Glass Files) and helping her with her work, as well as learning about the inner workings of TGF. I've assisted in inviting people to families, organizing/filling out spreadsheets, and many other things all relating to the business. This internship has taught me a lot so far, and I can not wait to learn more soon.

New York City
Laila Ayala
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