The beauty of humankind as revealed by YouTube comments

All you have to do to experience world culture in the 21st century is to read the answers to comments people make on literally *any* video you will ever find on YouTube.

You may or may not agree with the point that HMR B is making here (i happen to agree and i think it's a pretty funny comment), but even if you don't agree, there's absolutely no reason to outright insult someone who is trying to make sense of a complex situation.

And yet, it seems that this is the new 'civility' in the culture and the world that we have built for ourselves. It's funny on the surface, really sad once you start thinking more deeply about it, and definitely *not* a good way to resolve differences and solve problems.
The Internet - USA and UK
February 12th, 2019
collaboration between HMR B, M Dev, and andromidius
YouTube comments section
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