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Today I was able to understand the purpose of security on the internet, they are a lot of stuff that causes a person's website to be unsafe for both the users and the owner or organizations. A lot like not been certified by AWS(Amazon website Service), this certificate makes a "VERIFICATION" that the website is safe and this certificate has to be updated by which there are testings. If a website doesn't have an AWS certificate doesn't mean it not safe, it means the website has not to be verified that it is safe.
Cyber Security has a lot of aspects but mainly to make sure that both the user and the owner are safe using the web/Internet. An example that was showed today on The Glass Files was robot is able to make a lot of different account on the glass files which make the database more complex and confusing for the company and also make the website unsafe. So in order to make sure that robots are not making different accounts was to use the Honeypot mechanism. The Honeypot mechanism is a security strategy that involves applying decoys in order to deflect any cyberattacks.
The Honeypots mechanism that was used is on the signup webpage where new users are supposed to signup, as it is known that robots only are able to have access to any information through the codes. So on the signup page, we know that some information is needed in order to sign up and this information can be filled by a real user. But there are decoys in the code of that webpage that can not be seen on the webpage by users but in the codes. Since we know that robots only navigate through the codes, apply a set of codes that will request some info that will be invalid to apply. And this specific info will only be visible in the code source, and not visible on the web page. So this will set a trap for the robots due to the information slot that was filled through the web source and makes it invalid to apply.
Now I was able to understand that cybersecurity is a major part of software development.

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