A project I did in Mr. Ruiz class that I am proud of
Graphic Art
Word collage

In this project, we were supposed to write words that describe us and put different fonts of the individual words so I used a site called photopea which is like photoshop. First I had to make the image 8.5x11 then find a background which was the orange yellow gradient. I had to write down words I think describe me then give every individual words its own font then when I was done with that I went back and gave the most important words effects such as a drop shadow, patterns, and color overlay. I was supposed to add a picture of myself but I didn't want to so I went on google and searched up Porsche GT3 RS PSD and it had to be a PSD or else the background would come in. If it wasn't a PSD I could open it and remove the unwanted parts of the image and save it as a PSD the open on my project and place it where I want.
Bronx, New York, USA
Edwin Mensah
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