Bye 2020 hello 2021
Welcome 2021

Thank you 2020, thank you even if it sounds strange to you because despite hurting us so much, you were the year from which we have learned the most, despite the fact that your blows have hurt and we are still hurt crying so many loved ones who have left thanks to you, even though we thought you came in They are of peace I still remember how happy we were with your arrival a year ago, we decorated our houses, the streets, we gave you a concert, we were so eager to meet you and we waited for you with open arms, it was 12 at night and we were all there awake and now many of those who shouted welcome 2020 are already dead but thank you. We all said 2020 will be my year and you covered our mouths you literally covered our mouths, but I have to thank you because you gave us hard but you made us strong, you taught us that death is not a game, to leave nothing for tomorrow because we are not here Sure if tomorrow comes, you taught us to live now, you taught us to say I love you to those we love and to ask forgiveness from those we offend.

Hello 2021 I hope you have mercy on all of us, I don't even want to wish anything because 2020 hit us too hard but I would like everything to return to normal, I hope we can hug our loved ones and extend our lives, hopefully those people who lost their homes can have a home and good food, I want to be able to go out without fear and for this virus to end, I hope you leave us good teachings.
Merlyn Rodriguez
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