The importance of appearing professional in a student's life.
Why students should improve their professional appearance.

Students need to look professional in school and beyond. Resumes, interviews, emails, conduct, etc are important for students. Colleges and jobs want to understand what the student has to offer. Additionally, being professional can allow you to connect on important people.

Emails: Students should address the contacted person formally, be brief and concise, use good grammar, avoid emojis, and add their signature in the email. This shows respect, organization, and that they student is likely well behaved. Good grammar is important since it shows that the student has good writing skills and can write professionally.

Interviews: Interviews are important because the person deciding to admit the student wants to see how the person act around people. A person could be very different on screen than in person, so interviews are important. Important interview skills are to have a good posture, manners, and answer questions thoughtfully.

Resumes: Resumes are important because they show a record of the person's skills. They should be brief and concentrate on important skills that the job recruiters require.
Bronx, NY, USA
February, 4th, 2021
Nana Brobbey
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