What is a sales pitch and why is it important in a business situation?
Importance of a Sales Pitch.

A sales pitch is a method of persuading someone to buy something or to show an idea. In the MetaBronx internship, we each wrote a sales pitch to explain why working at MetaBronx was very helpful. Our goal was to convince the reader on why it is a good idea to work at MetaBronx.

First, a sales pitch gives an outsider a first impression as to what they should expect in your business. Many outsiders are expecting a brief outline of what the job is about to familiarize themselves, so it is very important. It should include the purpose and what you do daily as a worker.

Second, a sales pitch usually shows that the business is very professional. For one, the employer is skilled at writing and persuading. Connecting with an audience will allow the business to expand its reach, thus making it more widely known.

In addition to the last reason, a good sales pitch is likely to keep the consumer buying or make them remember your idea for longer. This is due to them understanding and seeing your idea as relevant.

With that said, what makes a good sales pitch? A good sales pitch is brief, concise, has a purpose, and is a good persuader. The goal is to get the audience hooked and to retain them for as long as possible.
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February, 1st, 2021
Nana Brobbey
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