My experience with working on school networks.
Work Experience.
Why students should gain work experience.

During my time at adding school information, I had to be flexible (time management) and constantly re-check my research. It's really important to make sure that the information fields (particularly the number of students) were as consistent as possible. I also made sure to work quickly.

Significance: Students realize the importance of communication in marketing. Social networking allows jobs to expand their reach and build connections. All top brands use some form of marketing and networking to build connections. Additionally, good research skills are important for problem solving.

How do these skills help students? Students can apply the research skills and time management built to college. Students learn to be flexible, structured, and understand the importance of connections. Building connections will be important in college and beyond. Students also practice writing formal emails which can help with future job interviews.

Additionally some students have been learning how to code. Coding skills (especially in Java/Java Script/C++) is becoming more important in our world. Note that Java programmers can make lots of money. Java can be used with HTML to create websites and nice interfaces. Lastly, I hope to build a fully functional website in HTML and learn more Java. Side note: C++ is a hard programming language (compared to the syntax of Python which is beginner friendly). Another note is that Java is the coding language with the cup of coffee as its logo. Java is mainly used for back-end development (not seen by the user but is important for functionality).
Bronx, NY, USA
January, 29th, 2021
Nana Brobbey
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