This is a typical food of my country (Venezuela) .

This is a typical food from my country (Venezuela). One of the foods that represent the country is called a pabellon.

The Creole Pavilion, consisting of cooked white rice, shredded meat, black beans, slices of fried ripe banana and whole white cheese. This dish consolidates the table of Venezuelans as one of the tastiest in the world. Creole pavilion, formerly called the national pavilion, is part of our culture, the perfect combination of different flavors, in which the essential nutrients for a diet are balanced: rice (carbohydrates), meat (fats and proteins), and black beans (carbohydrates with vegetable proteins).

The history of this meal is:
The pavilion dates from colonial times, probably from the 18th century, and according to what is said, it is basically a gathering of “leftovers” from previous meals made by the slaves of the haciendas: thus the meat, the Rice, and black beans generally dated from a day before or two, with banana slices being the only thing that was prepared at the time.

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