Seizing Life's Turning Points
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Not everyone is born wise. Instead, life experiences teach us how to be wise. At the same time, a person has to keep re-evaluating their life in order to decide whether they are on the right path. Sometimes, some people walk on the wrong path for a long time, and nature is required to play its tricks to redirect that person’s path towards the right one. What I mean is there must be something in life that happens to push someone to their right path. Some may often experience this thing all through their life depending on their upbringings. However, others just need one shaking experience to properly change their course in life. The thing that is necessary to change a person needs not to be a good experience. Sometimes, a crisis of sorts is needed for the hard-headed ones in order to lead them to different paths or to make them stop and take notice. This is commonly known as a turning point. One person’s turning point is different from that of another’s. Turning points also happen differently in terms of time. Some experience their turning points at their early stages of development. Others experience their turning point at their early adult life, while still others experience their major turning points when they are adults, married and have children. This turning point may be different for everyone but its major point is to make the crisis that has happened in an individual’s life worth it. Its point is to make the pain that one went through meaningful. As such, people are not supposed to allow their experiences to be wasted. Instead, they should use them as springboards for the changes they know that they need in life.
As for my case, one of my major crises that led to a vital turning point in my life happened when I was young. Another one happened when I was a teenager. Since the time I was born, I had been taking life easily. I can say that unlike most of my friends, I was born lucky. I had friends who did not have parents. Fortunately, both of my parents were alive. I had friends whose parents were poor. My parents, in turn, worked and we had money. I never used to lack anything and nothing used to bother me in my life. In addition, nothing seemed to be important in my life as I had everything that I needed. At that time, I did not understand the meaning of education. I did not understand the meaning of living life as if it was your last day either.

Bronx, New York, USA
Daniel Sanni
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