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I don't really know much about Nigeria. All I know is, is that my father is from there, making me form there as well. He never took me to visit, I was supposed to go once, but something came up. Enough of my background story, I'm going to inform you guys about what is going on in Nigeria.
So currently Nigeria has recorded almost 1,600 new COVID cases. However, unlike the US, Nigeria swiftly introduced a strict lock down as early as April, the government also gave direct cash transfers to any citizen that was in low income areas. Touchless thermometers were given out across the border. Whenever police catch people in nightclubs they get arrested, 71 people have been arrested because of these raids. They continue to do this so no outbreaks occur.
Lastly, lets lighten up this writing. Nigeria is a multinational state, it has 250 different ethnic groups. These groups speak over 500 languages, have diverse cultures, and exhibits unique art. Some tribes in Nigeria on occasion dress up as masquerades, the people in costumes are believed to embody a spirit that serves to protect the people or send a certain message.
Bronx, NY
January 8, 2021
Enayi Ndoma
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