Social Uprising in 2020
The Biggest Protest in 2020

In the year of 2020, there was a very traumatic death that occurred, this death shocked and made the whole world angry. This death was the death of George Floyd, as I mentioned previously the whole world was affected and not just African Americans. This death hurt many people and made them angry because the whole thing was filmed and they felt like no justice was being served for Floyd. African Americans have been being killed by officers all of America's history. However, people decided this death was the last straw and enough was enough. Protests began to break out, with these protests came many deaths due to police brutality and people being striped of their first amendment rights. I think it was good for these protests to occur because it started a conversation, people are sometimes so scared to have. Us in the world need to know who's getting discriminated against and what is happening to people of our own race. If we don't know those things, we can become one of those faces you see on posters or shirts, trying to get justice.
Bronx, NY
January 6, 2021
Enayi Ndoma
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