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Reflecting on 2020
GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021

2020 has given me a lot of time to be productive. However with so much of my time being spent in one place, that time feels so wasted because of the experiences that I missed. I had so many plans for the summer of 2020 that I had to cancel due to so many lockdown restrictions. So much time that I could have spent outside, was replaced with me sitting in the same chair for months.
Being home for so long has definitely had an effect on my mental health. Throughout the summer, every day felt the exact same with nothing changing at all. I started to stay awake for long hours because I had nothing to prepare for in the mornings. Then the worst part was being separated from friends. Whenever something seemed to be safe enough to open up in New York, it would be closed down in the next week.
Aside from the negative experiences being home so much, the year has been beneficial to me in a variety of ways. For example, I have had the opportunity to work at home on many occasions thanks to the connections from my school. The biggest benefit of 2020 has been the advantages I have applying to college. Due to the pandemic, most colleges are test optional, meaning that my SAT scores do not have any effect on my chances of getting into a school. I even got into some schools already!
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Joshua Otto
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