My 2020
Goodbye 2020

In my 2020 I had many experiences, many moments that were happy but at the same time I had many moments of sadness, 2020 was a year that surprised me in an unexpected way, I received a lot of negative news, in my 2020 I went after living in the United States I traveled to my country but not in the way that I thought I would return if I did not go because my grandmother died, 2020 has marked me but I know that things happen because God wanted it that way, but this year I felt very sad because I lost my grandmother and not I was able to see her again in life, in 2020 I stopped going to school due to Covid 19, I arrived many times to agree that I could not with this situation that was happening I will study from home it was not easy but little by little I tried to gain strength to be able to overcome I got used to this situation, although it was not easy at all. I say goodbye to 2020 and I receive 2021 wishing that this new year improves that it gives my family health and that it gives me the strength to continue coping with this situation, that allows this new year to improve. May you give health to those people who are ill and may it be a year of many blessings for all.
Bronx, NY, USA
Sofia Munoz
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