Mental Health During 2020
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Effects of 2020 On My Mental Health

Have you guys ever struggled with your Mental Health ? If you have how did you handle it. Today I'm going to give you an insight of my Mental Health and what did I do to better it. At the beginning of 2020, I was relaxed, I was focused on school and the people in my life. Then the pandemic happened. I wasn't really phased by it when it first showed up, I thought I was invincible, come to find out I wasn't.
Getting the virus and possibly dying from it wasn't the only thing affecting people's lives. The wellness of their Mental Health was as well. Me being one of those people. I've always suffered from having a bad Mental Health, I never tried to get better, I always used things to distract me and when those things went away I just went back to how I was to begin with. This year I've learned Mental Health is no joke, being quarantined in a house for months, and not being able to go to school does something to you. I've always liked staying home at my own decision but when I felt like people were telling me to stay home, that made me want to go out more.
That's besides the point, my Mental Health got really ba to the point where I was having panic attacks and mental breakdowns consistently. I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone because I don't like burdening people with my problems, but I was totally wrong to think that. I met my boyfriend in Novemeber and made it official in February, it was hard for me to open up about my problems. Later realizing that talking to someone actually helped, especially someone who could relate to what I was going through.
So end of the story, don't keep anything bottled up, especially during the time of this pandemic. I bottled everything up and I wasn't well for a couple months until I let it all out. I'm still trying to get my Mental Health well enough but that takes time.
Bronx, NY
January 1, 2021
Enayi Ndoma
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