The Way I See The Pandemic
Hope III
The Story Of My Personal Pandemic Experiences

The Pandemic was one and is one Pandemic that affected a lot of people, this also affects different people in different ways. The pandemic had made the problem to people's health, mental state, and families. But for me, it affected me both in a positive way and a negative way.

As of the time, the pandemic started me and my families were going well and are still going well but as of that time, the pandemic I was a little shaky and lots of different emotion was going through me. But that did not keep me down. As a child who came from a religious background, I always have faith that anything is possible and so as to have faith that I could go through whatever life throws at me.

A lot of people may be asking how I went through it, what I did was that I focus on something that would entertain and keep my focus. I play Piano and also a drummer, playing these Instrument help focus and distract me from what is going on around the world. I use instruments to break my walk and it is what makes me stronger.
Bronx, New York, USA
Daniel Sanni
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