Covid-19 is really stressful.
Public Feelings of Covid-19.
Covid-19 is Really Getting to People.

Covid-19 is really getting to people. Covid-19 has taken lots of people out of jobs, has caused worry, anger, stress, and insecurities. People are getting tired of being cautious, wearing masks, hearing the news cases, and staying home. Dissatisfaction and hopelessness is on the rise. Covid-19 has shaken the fragility of our world. Even once the pandemic is solved (hopefully as soon as possible), our world has a lot of recovering to do.

Job loss: People have been forced out of work, and worried that they will not be able to pay their rent or support their household. Covid-19 has forced most non essential workers out of jobs. Some have been able to work from home while others (i.e. restaurants) have been forced out of jobs. I think that one of the ways to deal with this issue for society to make jobs more flexible: people should still be able to work from home no matter the job that they undergo. This would offset one of the many dangers of Covid-19 to our world.

The News: the news has also caused anxiety. Constantly we hear about the high number of Covid-19 deaths and transmissions. People are getting tired and anxious about the reports. As a result, people are getting fed up with the Covid-19 pandemic and feeling hopeless. I've noticed the decreased lack of seriousness when going outside.

Covid-19 stress: Covid-19 stresses both the public and health care workers. Their constant amount of effort to care for the sick during these times can feel overwhelming. Additionally, many are forced to stay away from family or even have to experience deaths. On the other hand, the public is also facing deaths and getting tired of the situation. All people are having to undergo a repetitive situation to prevent the spread/care for people.
Bronx, NY, USA
January, 1st, 2020
Nana Brobbey,
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