The Year of 2020
Goodbye To The Chaotic Year of 2020

A lot of things happened in 2020, some of those things were blessings and some were not. So this is my goodbye to 2020, I said goodbye yesterday on New Years. For a lot of students, kids, adults, and elders, they were just living regular lives. Come to find out a virus would change their whole lives. This virus was called Covid-19, this virus closed schools, workplaces, left people in debt and without jobs. Adjusting to online school in March of 2020 was hard for a lot of students, because they already have enough difficulty when it comes to school in-person. In September, some students had the option of going in-person and then spending some days at home doing online work, which was called blended learning, but the students who stayed home were just doing online work. That later ended because cases were rising.
Everyone thought cases would drop and they did, but then they started slowly rising again. Enough about the virus because that wasn't the only thing that occurred. Let's talk about an important event, the election of 2020. This election was very important for the simple fact the people didn't want Trump in office anymore. He went against Joe Biden, who was a tough competitor in the election. Many people in America, didn't like either candidate but they had no choice to go for one, so the polls showed many people voted for Biden, due to him catering to many people's needs.
I can't forget about the huge BLM movement. Black Lives Matter has always been in effect, but not many people payed attention to this protest, until a traumatizing death occurred. A man named George Floyd died at the hands of police officers, he was being detained then the officer used force and was keeping his knee on Floyd's neck even though Floyd shouted multiple times that he couldn't breath. This death triggered many protests, these protests went far beyond America. It touched a lot of people, because they felt like enough was enough. Now everyone always use the phrase "I Can't Breath" to send a message to people all over the world.
Bronx, NY
January 1, 2021
Enayi Ndoma
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