The potential danger of Covid-19
Prevention and alerts
Why Covid-19 is Becoming More Dangerous.

Analyzing Covid-19: Currently, there is a second Covid-19 strain that's going around. This is really important to consider because it demonstrates that viruses can become resistant to antibiotics. As a result, Covid-19 might, unfortunately, be with us for a long time. The Covid-19 virus is a virus like no other. It disrupts the human respiratory system and can easily cause deaths.

Another thing to note is that even with preventative measures, Covid-19 can still be transmitted. Covid-19 is really small, and we don't currently have a machine that can scan Covid-19 on a human. Resultantly, we should try to stay home as much as possible. With that said, all of our preventative measures have risks and societal problems carried with them. Social distancing causes feelings of isolation (a human craves social interaction), and flattening the curve, while helping lower transmition rates, can harm the economy.

Scientists of all fields should work together and consider ways to not only inoculate the population, but also find alternatives boost our immunity so that Covid-19 can be consistently fought off by our bodies.

My ideas:
Building a machine that can scan Covid-19 on a human. I'm envisioning a bar that you would hold and move aorund while Covid-19 is shown in a color like yellow or blue.
Machines that can detect coughs.
Developing technology so that the economy can survive pandemics like this/prevent them for happening.
Developing substances that can kill the Covid-19 virus, and hiring people that go into houses to help clean and spray these mixtures.
Bronx, NY, USA
January, 1st, 2020
Nana Brobbey
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