The Challenges Of Life Are Wall
Hope II
The Cracks In The Walls

A lot of people could say these things are not hard to overcome but only I can understand my problem and challenges. It is not that trying new things is hard for me to do but that is life, everyone has a problem, an obstacle, and a challenge that they have to overcome but what counts is how you overcome it. I am a person who is from a religious background and family. I understand that in the bible that the only way Mosies crossed the red sea with the Israelite was through the help of God. So in order for me to overcome these obstacles.

I have to face them and ask for help from God or whoever God sent to me, just like Mosies to the Israelites. I understand that walls have to be broken, challenges have to faced and overcome, and for those to work you have to apply yourself to it. We all have to understand.No challenge is small or big, it depends on if you apply effort or not. This is why I am going to open a new chapter in my life that will determine my future and this essay is the one that will help me break the wall to get past my wall. And me writing this essay is me apply effort until I break every wall in my book.

This Image suggests that over time walls/Challenges have a weak spot and those weak spots are to be explored and by facing the wall you will be able to break it. All challenges are to be broken to make progress in life, and these walls could help you realize how strong a person is. "A strong Challenge/wall does not last forever but a stronger person lasts forever."
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Daniel Sanni
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