That Their is still hope and we could all hope for the light and go toward
Hope I
The Light At The End of The Tunnel (2021)

2020 has been a year that can never be forgotten and it shouldn't be forgotten because by the end we all get through this we will all look back and see that we are strong and able. We all are not going to remember how we got through it but remember the challenges we faced during it.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a tunnel for a lot of people, some people have it short while others had it long but what matters is that it is a tunnel, and tunnels are called tunnels because they have an open-end a bright light ending. This tunnel is the pandemic and the wall in the tunnel are challenges, wall is things that obstruct our way but we have to break them down.

This image shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we all have to get there. In order to get there, break the walls by facing them and break them. And we all making it to 2021 is a sign of hope that the Covid-19 Pandemic will be over and we will break the wall together which is faster. "A strong Challenge/wall does not last forever but a stronger person lasts forever."
Bronx, New York, USA
Daniel Sanni
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