What I gained from 2020.
What I took into the New Year.
Planning for 2021

We all know that 2020 was a devastating year as the Covid-19 pandemic really wrecked havoc in people's lives. However, in 2020, I made some important improvements academically, emotionally, physically, and causally. First, I improved academically. Without teachers, I managed to try several methods to study for my tests. I also came up with a manageable daily schedule to do well on my tests. Additionally, I drastically improved my vocabulary. Casually, I decided to play chess and 8 ball pool (online) while greatly improving in each game. Additionally, I reflected and realized that I want to pursue new hobbies like swimming or racing. Emotionally, I learned the resources I have to deal with feeling annoyed, and started thinking about what I want to do beyond college.
Bronx, NY, USA
December, 31st, 2020
Nana Brobbey
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