The Power of Recovery 2021 Is Going To Bring.
Light At The End of The Tunnel
The Light

The thought of crises makes humanity scared and the shouldn't be, we all know that we all have to face challenges in our lives and these challenges have to be faced. The challenge we face every day are live the coronavirus crises but just in a magnitude. The ability to face the challenge shows a sign of hope and opportunities bring hope.

2020 has been a challenge for many people all over the world. People losing jobs, not getting adequate education, increase in death, and most especially mental health issues are the challenges brought to people in 2020. But there is still hope, this image shows the damage of 2020, and this item shows that it can be taken off.

There is still hope because the pandemic is a challenge, and if we all have hope we will go through it but it will take time and patient. The image shows that we all lost signal which means lost hope and gave up. But 2021 brings hope to us and we will all reconnect in 2021 which may not be easy but will go through it Together.

Bronx, New York, USA
Daniel Sanni
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