The impact of Covid-19 on student mental health.
Take Covid-19 seriously.
Impacts of Covid-19 on Student Mental Health.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted students mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mentally, students feel annoyed towards not being able to socialize and worries that life is meaningless. Emotionally, Covid-19 has barred students from being able to receive emotional support from their friends. Physically, students are feeling lazy, always tired, and cranky. This pandemic has definitely introduced us into an unprecedented time.

First, consider the mental impacts of Covid-19. Covid-19 means that all people must isolate (staying home as much as possible, doing more online work, and constantly have to be cautious while outside. The main issue with these important measures, is that students eventually get tired and feel overwhelmed of living an indoors and cautious life. In addition, the news reports just seem to get worse everyday, and students are getting callous to hearing about deaths. Hearing about the deteriorating conditions makes students feel a lack of control over their life and adds to the feelings of sadness.

Emotionally, Covid-19 makes is harder students to partake in activities that helps them recuperate after school and forge new relations. For example, before Covid-19 became problematic and caused deaths and sicknesses, students could have sleepovers, go to the park, go to parties, go to their job internship in person, go on field trips, and even go to the library. Humans are very social creatures, so not being able to go outside causes sadness and hopelessness. Eventually, these feelings could become greater and more overwhelming. The feeling introduced by the pandemic will likely not go away.

Physically, Covid-19 has made students lazy and feel bored. THese days, students aren't really doing much with their lives. A student's average schedule during the Covid-19 pandemic has been to wake up, eat, use their technology, do their school work, and sleep. This is really tiring and stressful. Additionally, lots of kids are getting impatient and waiting for the day that conditions return to normalcy.

In conclusion, students should watch out for their mental heath during thee times. Students should seek resources to cope with the pandemic. Covid-19 will still be a pandemic in 2020, but students should try to cope with it until things return to normal. Students should try to interact with others as much as possible (mainly online), join internships or other opportunities, and find other creative ways to cope with this pandemic. Hopefully the pandemic situation eventually goes away.
Bronx, NY, USA
December, 31st, 2020
Nana Brobbey
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