I'm Edward Yeboah, an intern at MetaBronx, and here's my 2020 experience.
2020 Review
My 2020 experience

Wait, I made it out of 2020 in one piece? Well, I am very proud of myself, and if you're reading this message, you should be too. I honestly don't know where to begin. This year has felt like two years were jam packed into one. But to sum up, there was conspiracy, memes, unwanted deaths, an ongoing global pandemic, face masks, shutdowns, and plenty more :). You see, one does not simply live throughout 2020, but must survive 2020. I look back and regret the decisions that I made as I could have made the year much more bearable if I picked up new hobbies that I would stick to consistently and increase my knowledge tremendously. I did give things a shot, but ultimately, I lacked the motivation and drive to keep going. As I am typing right now, I am trying to come up with a list of positives that this year had in store  for me.

Actually, I should cut 2020 some slack since there were plenty of positives that happened this year. For starters, I did a couple of internships and made money from home. I recall many months back when news spread that SYEP was going to be suspended for 2020. I was shocked and pissed because the year was already pretty bad enough so far and I was hoping that I would have something to do during the summer. It was fortunate enough that the internship that I started at the beginning of the year was ongoing and shifted to remote, so I was hoping that the same was going to apply to SYEP. Fortunately, everything moved remotely and I was able to be a part of something during the summer. This is a pretty big deal as tons of people around the world, especially parents, are unemployed and are worrying about how they are going to be able to provide for their families, and as a teenager, I had the opportunity to make money from home. Secondly, I was able to learn and practice meditation. Meditation was the white knight to my mental health and wellbeing as I needed to take time to myself to just breathe and reflect. I also researched other things that I can do in order to change my lifestyle for the better. Lastly, I easily kept myself entertained through media and video games. I have been playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Dragon Ball Fighterz on console the most, and I've also been playing  Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle on mobile. I have also gave Disney plus a shot, and picked up plenty of anime like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and My Hero Academia that I wished I had picked up earlier. So, 2020 for me, did have those highlights that made the year much better.

Now obviously the pandemic isn't going to magically disappear on the 1st of January 2021 (I would be shocked if it did), so I would expect maybe the first couple of months of the year to be a copy and paste of 2020. So, I have a couple of goals that I have for this year. My goals for this year are to workout more consistently, read more books, learn a new programming language (I'm looking into C++), and to survive. To you, the reader, I wish you a Happy New Year, and a better 2021. 
Edward Yeboah
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