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This is our The Glass Files community. The ages range from 16 to 38 years old, and we all get along formidably well! Which is quite important considering how much time we spend together, through happy and stressful times.

From left to right: Sarah Poyet, Shadman Chowdhury, David Hargat, Philip M Shearer, José Ortiz, Moussa Sarr, Chanez Baali, and Shah Khan.

Not pictured - another 10+ people: Antonio Brown, Charlie Summers, Angela Perez, Olivier Lauzon, Stewart Laufer, Pedro Ha, Jessie Samuelson, Yazan Fahmawi, Devin Powers, Sheriff Mogaji, Andrew Kingsley.
conference room, scenyc offices and studios, The Bronx, NY, USA
Shah Khan
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