Cross Country in 1923
Fredonia, NY to San Diego, CA in 1923

"In 1923, my [great]-grandmother, then Hazel Sackett, drove in a Model T Ford with her mother from Fredonia, NY to San Diego, CA to marry my [great]-grandfather, M. Peirce Kingsley, a freshly graduated Ensign from the Naval Academy. My uncle found this photo of her arrival, that I had never seen before. Remember, there were no interstate highways in 1923."


Uncle Greg,

Actually I'm not surprised that it was my great grandmother that drove! It seems that female entrepreneurship runs in the family, considering that Grandma Enid M. Clausen and my mom, Gail D. Kingsley have both ran businesses through the years. As a white guy, here in the 21st century, I consider myself really lucky to have female role models in a business context!

-- Andrew P. Kingsley
Fredonia, NY
Gregory R. Kingsley
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